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[INFO] Wireless printers not detected - NAS not found

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[INFO] Wireless printers not detected - NAS not found

Post by erikdubois » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:14 am

After Samba issues in November/December we stopped installing Samba and related services because of security considerations.

Then it made sense to remove avahi and nss-dns when we removed Samba. Not so much now anymore.

We discovered (from users) that this causes issues to find a wireless printer.

We had provided a script to install the detection of (wireless) devices on your network but of-course you need to have seen the tutorial(s).

Code: Select all

Run this and it is solved

Starting from ArcoLinux 19.02 these packages and services will be present again on the iso.

Samba stays off our iso. Just to be clear.
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