[OPEN] Installing Arcolinux on 128gb SD card

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[OPEN] Installing Arcolinux on 128gb SD card

Post by Orkeven »

I have created a live USB of Arcolinux on a 32gb USB drive and I have been able to testrun Arcolinux suitably for what I am currently interested in, regarding learning graphics creation. The program seems to work fine; it is portable and needs no installation.

I would like to install it on a 128gb Class 10 U1 SD card. I have searched the internet and it would seem that it is possible.

The installer launches automatically (I hope there is a way to stop this) and has acknowledged my memory card in the "select storage device" menu.
I am choosing to erase disk. I had read somewhere about how it is not advisable to create a swap on a memory card as it will slow down processes. So, I left it at "No Swap".
I am leaving out encrypting the system.

Question 1
However, I am wondering what to do about choosing a bootloader location. Which one should be preferred, please: master boot record of mmcblk0 (/dev/mmcblk0); master boot record of Hitachi hts... (/dev/sda); System Partition (/); Do not install a boot loader.
Please, has anyone encountered this, or knows about this? What are the corresponding implications?
It would be helpful to have someone also share their experience, please.
I would like to switch to Arcolinux eventually, but as I am pressed for space, I want to install on the memory card and then move very important files over from my hard disk, and onto the 128gb, and then simply install Arcolinux on my hard disk.

Question 2
I also noticed an option to replace a partition with Arcolinux. I wonder how safe that would be. Would I be simply able to replace my existing Linux OS with Arcolinux and leave my data intact? Still, I would like to successfully install Arcolinux on my SD card and simply be able to use it as a portable Linux OS (not just a live Linux).

Thank you, and forgive any inconvenience, please.

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Re: [OPEN] Installing Arcolinux on 128gb SD card

Post by erikdubois »

Like I told already on the mail - no experience with that - leaving it open to other users:

Question 1

You systems boots from the first harddisk you set in the bios/efi settings.
That particular harddisk needs to a have something to boot from ... bios or efi.

Scenario of the past here : sda harddisk winblows - sdb harddisk 1TB data - two harddisks in one computer
Left the boot from sda untouched - son can game all he wants... does not see anything - no grub
Put the grub on sdb. Pressing one of the hidden keys I tell (from EFi/BIOS) to boot from sdb and sure it will go and look for something to boot from.
Then I had one computer more to test.

Question 2
And yes calamares will make winblows or any linux smaller (if it has the place) and install ArcoLinux on it.

Backups are always necessary - the cloud is my favorite backup environment.
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
But first use the power of the Arch Wiki
use the tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/erikdubois
then use the power of google
then use the power of our moderators.

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