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[INFO] ncmpcpp on ArchMerge

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[INFO] ncmpcpp on ArchMerge

Post by darknetmatrix » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:54 am

NCurses Music Player Client (Plus Plus) runs in a terminal.
For the installation:

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sudo pacman -S mpd
sudo pacman -S ncmpcpp
after that:

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mkdir ~/.config/mpd
then in your favorite text-editor in my case geany:

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geany ~/.config/mpd/mpd.conf
and copy this simple configuration for Music Player Daemon (mpd):

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####### MPD CONFIG #######

# Required files
db_file            "~/.config/mpd/database"
log_file           "~/.config/mpd/log"

# Optional
music_directory    "~/Music"
playlist_directory "~/.config/mpd/playlists"
pid_file           "~/.config/mpd/pid"
state_file         "~/.config/mpd/state"
sticker_file       "~/.config/mpd/sticker.sql"

audio_output {  
      type  "alsa"  
      name  "mpd alsamixer-output"
      mixer_type "software"

audio_output {  
type               "fifo"  
name               "toggle_visualizer"
path               "/tmp/mpd.fifo"
format             "44100:16:2"

####### END MPD CONFIG #######
after that in a terminal:

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mkdir .config/mpd/playlist
Then type (again in a terminal):

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and you are done!!
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Re: ncmpcpp on ArchMerge

Post by s3pp3ku » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:17 am

Thanks so much for the tutorial, really digging it so far, so much better than cmus.

I think the setup is slightly messed up. needs two small things. This line in the mpd config lists

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playlist_directory "~/.config/mpd/playlists"
but later this line

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mkdir .config/mpd/playlist
needs to be

Code: Select all

mkdir ~/.config/mpd/playlists
Thanks again

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