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Re: [OPEN] Lost my account login --

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erikdubois wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:03 pm
I think I get your question now.

You want to log as ROOT into lightdm.

Is that your question?

Would not recommend it if that is the case.

For educational purposes you can find a way here.

https://askubuntu.com/questions/126286/ ... ot-account
there it is, that mentality, that says I am not smart enough to either use nor learn how to use root user, that is only for .. Oh I don't know them that came before the ones that now dictate that root user is no longer an option, just use sudo su or sudo -i .. crap that...

what I want is a normal root user that can log in when and where ever any user can log in. in a tty if I need to switch tty's and log in root for a quick minute or how ever long.

I want my root user account activated. like it is suppose to be, like it was designed to be in the days when this sudo -i and Ubuntututu was not around. or them that decided that they know better and the "average user" cannot handle root user account so we cannot get right of it because it is a needed account, so they hide it away and give out sudo for users.

I want my root user account activated, and stop being treated like I am someone without a brain.

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Re: [OPEN] Lost my account login --

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I am certainly not belittling or denigrating ANY user.

As a teacher that is just not done. A student is just learning and we all know that students will eventually surpass their master and that is super ok.

But I must give you my advice. The same advice people give me and what I read online. You do what that advice what you want.

It is because of my lack of intelligence that I only now get that you want to actually login via lightdm. You are not interested in becoming root in a terminal.

I gave you a solution.

Is the the solution in the link working for you?

https://askubuntu.com/questions/126286/ ... ot-account
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