[INFO] Choosing your language in Calamares installer

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[INFO] Choosing your language in Calamares installer

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During our live iso session you can set your language in the Calamares installer.

Depending on the desktop environment you will install later on it will either have translattions for your language or not.

That depends on the desktop - not ArcoLinux nor Arch Linux.

Not everything will be translated - some examples

ArcoLinux iso (Xfce, Openbox, i3)

Choosing Italian will change the majority of the names and descriptions (if the developer of those applications has thought about it)
But some things will not change like these custom actions in thunar for example. We use thunar on many iso's.


The openbox menu is a plain file - it will never change - you can change it but you will have to translate it yourself - manually.


I3 has no menu's but thunar will be in the language you choose.
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