[INFO] Sardi icons update error - November 2018

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[INFO] Sardi icons update error - November 2018

Post by erikdubois »

At the end of November I added two icon themes to the Sardi icon collection.
  • Sardi-Flexible-Arc
  • Sardi-Mono-Arc
If you have only Sardi icons then the update will just be successful BUT
if you had installed other Sardi icons from the AUR or with the help of the nemesis script you get an error.

Pacman or package manager keeps track of what is where.

Since I moved Sardi-Flexible-Arc from the package Sardi-flexible-mixing-icons-git,
Since I moved Sardi-Mono-Arc from the package Sardi-Mono-mixing-icons-git,

to Sardi-icons, pacman says that there is a conflict when you update


There are different options to solve it:


Delete only Sardi-icons and update your system.

Code: Select all

sudo pacman -R sardi-icons
then update everything

then reinstall sardi-icons

Code: Select all

yay -S sardi-icons
You can see the same conflict in this video at around 9:30

Option 2:

delete all sardi-extra icons except sardi-icons and update and reinstall all the delete sardi-extra icons
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