your new iso arcolinux d is handsome erik.

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your new iso arcolinux d is handsome erik.

Post by jurgen69 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:12 am

i use it for the first time

the new iso of arolinuxd is fuck handsome and fast i run it with xfce and on virtualmachine
i have test 5 different iso of the pakkets in calamares and it works like a charme , you can use what ever you want , build it up your self .
just update the suff
if you want pamac , yay -S pamac-aur and you done , works fast my god its like a tgv ...
i am impressed of the new arcolinuxd iso.
is it me or is it arcolinuxd , that if you install something of the aur that the building is faster than let say you download a official arcolinux xfce , i find that the builing is faster know :mrgreen:
running arco linux plasma the last version
i love arcolinux kde plasma on 4 x 27 inch monitors it os very powerfull.
running on predator old but still more powerfull than new computers :evil:

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