[INFO] Strange messages on bootup

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[INFO] Strange messages on bootup

Post by erikdubois »

While booting your system via the terminal you see sometimes "possible missing firmware".

Should I be concerned?

IF everything works as usual than no concern at all. I have one laptop here that gives some messages too. These messages come from the kernel. It means the kernel does not know what to do with some parts of your hadware or just does not support it.

Most of the time those are just warnings.

However sometimes you will see errors or failed lines. Those are important.

If you want to read those warnings in all comfort then
type in the terminal

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Re: [INFO] Strange messages on bootup

Post by lawrencedark »

Many distributions and even just computers running Linux will print some warning messages during startup. If your machine didn't fully boot into X then they might be of some use, but most of the time you can safely ignore them. If there is something specific that concerns you, post the dmesg log on a pastebin service and put the link here so we can see.
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Re: [INFO] Strange messages on bootup

Post by goltrek »

Thanks for the information.
But these managings also appear in other distributions like Ubuntu Mate.

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